Prayer for Teachers

Recently many of you saw our prayer letter about the urgent need for teachers at Bingham Academy here in Ethiopia. I’m writing again in hopes of engaging you all in a time of prayer for these needs. Those of us who are serving cross culturally in missions, trying to reach those who are living and dying without the Good News of Jesus Christ, need a place to educate our children. Tabby and I thank you so much for your partnership in the gospel and for taking the pressing needs of our mission community before the Lord.  Please click the link below to view the prayer site about teacher needs. Prayer for teachers



Sometimes – no, a lot of times – things happen that just have to be documented.  Unfortunately I usually fail to do as I should, but not today.  I just had to write this down…

Me (handing Desta a little basket as we picked up the living room): This goes up to your room, actually.

Desta (with a funny wrinkled up nose and her head cocked to the side): Mom, that’s Lily’s, actually.  (as in why should I have to take it to our room)

I know the moment is hard to capture in words, which is maybe why I apply such little effort, but it was the cutest thing and I just had to laugh out loud.  Actually.  :-)


Teaching Needs at the SIM mission school in Addis Ababa

Wouldn’t it be neat if we could send out a notice like the one posted below and right away see supporters gather resources to meet the need; whether that means going and serving, supporting someone else to go and serve, or just forwarding the notice onto someone that might be just the right person!

Teaching Needs at Bingham
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Community Connections
From the Personnel Team

4 October 2015
A Note from Brad Adams

Dear mission leaders and mission families,

As you may be aware we do not have all the teaching staff we require at Bingham Academy. We remain committed to offering quality Christian education for the students of missionary families, Christian families and families that are having a long term impact in Ethiopia. Our school has tremendous opportunities to not only support missionary families here in Ethiopia but also reach out to families that do not yet know Christ. However, this year we face a challenge in providing all the staff we require to offer quality Christian education to the children of our school families.

Could you please advertise our staff needs to your supporters and other members of the mission community.

This year September 2015 to June 2016 we are short the following staff members:

· Elementary School and High School Art teacher

· High School Maths teacher

· High School Physics teacher

· Learning Support Coordinator

We are interested in teachers who are willing to fill in these positions for this year, or for part of this year on a volunteer basis.

Next year, August 2016 to June 2017, we are also looking for staff in a number of key positions for next year. These include the following:

· Elementary School and High School Art teacher

· High School Maths teacher

· High School Physics teacher

· High School Chemistry teacher

· High School Biology teacher

· Middle and High school French Teacher

· Middle and High school Spanish Teacher

· Learning Support Coordinator

To find up to date details on vacancies and to register your interest in the above positions visit the school website

Thank you for your continued support

Brad Adams

Head of School

Brad Adams
Bingham Academy
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
011 279 7480 (office)
0911 234 837 (mob)
Key Links for Bingham Academy
Email Brad Adams, Bingham Director
Email Krisha Adams, Bingham Recruitment
Check out the Bingham Website
Our mailing address is:
SIM Ethiopia
PO Box 127
Addis Abeba 0

Our start in Addis Ababa

Greetings from Addis Ababa! I hope this post finds all of you doing well. The Cox family is doing surprisingly well considering all of the transition in our lives over the past few months. We’ve now settled into our house in Addis Ababa.  We’ve got more room than we need, so if you find yourself passing through Addis, then we’ve got an spare bedroom or two in which to put you up for the night.


This week we added a new member to the family.  Brandi was the dog of an upcountry missionary couple who needed to leave Ethiopia unexpectedly. The kids are already quite fond of her.

First day of school

First day of school

Speaking of the children, Jack and Lily have both enjoyed their own transition into a new school. Moving from home school to the highly structured Bingham Academy has been difficult as have been the long hours. Most evening they are exhausted as bed time rolls around. Desta has it better than most as she applies her energy at trying to decide who she’ll spend the day with or what toy she’ll play with next.

Date Night (and morning)

We’re always busy doing what seems like the “right” thing, often times at the expense of the best thing.  Tabby and I both share a weakness when it comes to planning rest and taking care of ourselves.  So this past weekend our beloved friends at CVM, arranged to watch our kiddos, while we slipped away to Greenbank on Whidby Island for a day and half of R & R.  We had the pleasure of overnighting in a beautiful waterfront house overlooking the sound, that provided one of the most beautiful sunrises that we’ve experienced in quite some time.


The next day we traveled North to Deception Pass to hike around the dream like seascapes of the area.


To end the day, Tabby and I met up with the kiddos and the Van Gorkoms in the tulip fields north of Seattle.


And now we’d like to thank those who made it all possible, Brad and Angie Frye and the Frye children, Fred and Vicki Van Gorkom for watching our children and Peter and Patty Wong for letting us use their house.   You all helped make our time in Seattle very special.  


The Coxes


Day 7 of road trip 2015

We finally pulled into Seattle today, Sunday March 22, 7 days after departing Flower Mound, Texas on Monday March 16.  And what a trip it has been.  When did anticipate a difficult journey, with 3 kiddos locked up in a car 8 hours daily.  But in hindsight we got so much more than what we actually bargained for. 

Not long after departing, road sickness had Lily pitching across Oklahoma.  Not to be outdone, Desta’s GI problems of the previous week switched ends on our trip, which had Tabby diving toward the back of the mini van with an additional vomit bag every few hours from Oklahoma and across most of Kansas and into Nebraska.  

Our first night was spent with friends and former SIM missionaries, Bark and Carleen Fahnestock in Goddard, Kansas.  Our second night was spent with friends Jeff and Brandy DeRuiter in Omaha.  We finally decided to give up and spent the next day resting in Omaha.  Unfortunately on that very day, I started feeling feverish and icky.  Thankfully I didn’t experience any of Lily and Desta’s symptoms, but with a debilitating headache, I spent the next day trying to recline in the passenger seat while Tabby took the wheel.  This meant that my wonderful wife had to single handedly manage the driving and the constant demands of the kiddos for the whole day.

Finally after a good night of rest in Laramie, Wyoming, we started our fifth day with everyone healthy (with the exception of my exhausted wife).  We made it comfortably to Twin Falls, Idaho and spent that evening with husband and wife veterinarians, John and Laurie Day and their three children.

On day six, we visited Noble and Edie Adkins in Richland, WA before finally limping into Seattle.  Whew!  Now I’m sitting here waiting on the Bainbridge Ferry, so we can go enjoy the rest of our Sabboth with former classmate Alecia Bye and her husband George and their three kiddos.

Tomorrow we’re scheduled for our first day in the CVM office.  Thanks for praying for our trip.




Here we are waiting on the ferry with downtown Seattle in the background.